This week has been super fucking busy. I need to go to bed like yesterday but I can’t fall asleep. The English class I have is going okay, and to be honest the teacher reminds me of the teacher from Beavis and Butthead. My professor is very straight edge. As for my Philosophy professor he’s such a good teacher, and I can’t wait to challenge myself in that class. I absolutely love my History of Rock professor. 

I’ve been working at the bookstore all fucking week, and it’s been exhausting. As for Subway, I’ll be working the weekend and thank fucking God for the holiday on Monday. I seriously just want to sleep in and no be bothered. I talked to the mother and she is heartbroken over what happened, but it won’t stop her drinking. 

I’ll be flying out to Denver in about two weeks, and to be honest, I’m kind of nervous. One of my family members wants to do LSD and I talked to her about it and she asked what’s the big deal. I didn’t feel like fighting. But, knowing she can’t stay sober for a day makes me categorize her as the same with the mother, and my SIL B.

You should seriously hear some of the shit my coworker crack head 1 says. She didn’t know how to spell Italian and I had to spell it for her. She works at a college and I can’t believe she said that. What a fucking retard, honestly. 

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Quick post before work. Went into Subway for my check and this new kid was giving Jennifer lip about doing dishes and she said he can leave if he wanted and he threatened to call our boss. I’m glad they’re getting so much shit. On my way out, I was thought, “Please don’t fucking call me into work.” 

I’m getting drug back into high school bullshit. Some girl said I hated her. I hated her because she was a fucking bully to me, and even though she apologized years ago she’s still a carpet munching slut. I fucking don’t want to hang out with you for a secret party because you don’t want to go to the high school reunion. 

There is one person I’d hangout with and she’s always treated me decent and that is F. So, you can go fuck off into the abyss, Shrek. Another girl asked who I was. Really? I’m the only girl in our class with my name. Are you fucking retarded?

I’m over this bullshit. I fucking loathe these bitches, minus F. How awesome that my day is ruined. 

#strawberry #fruit #healthy #instadaily

#strawberry #fruit #healthy #instadaily

"From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people."

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Communication is key in any relationship, especially marriage. This is me forever telling my husband what a stupid idea it is. But, despite how stupid I think his idea is, I seriously love the fucking shit out of him. 

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Honestly, I think I am going to put my two weeks in because I’m tired of guessing how many hours I’m not getting you know? Where did this happen to you before?

twilight-perfection replied to your post “EXACTLY! I do what needs to be done and I think, “Oh, I had a good…”

Understandable. I had that happen before and it infuriated me. Luckily, they fixed it where I could have those steady hours. I hope it gets fixed soon. You don’t deserve this headache.

EXACTLY! I do what needs to be done and I think, “Oh, I had a good day.” When he creates the schedule and posts it on Tuesday and I see I get six, eleven or whatever amount he gives me it’s like what the fuck am I doing wrong. I kind of nonchalantly bitch about it to my coworkers and they say to talk to him. What’s the point? I only got this job because my husband had health issues. I’d rather suck dicks (okay, not really) than deal with this anymore. I have put off talking to HR, but what the fuck? Why do I have to go to him? Why can’t he tell me, “This is what needs work…” etc. I don’t think I’m doing a bad job. I’m not as slow, and do what needs to be done. What the fuck, man. Sorry for repeating myself, I’m just over this shit job.

twilight-perfection answered to your post “I deserve better”

You’re not. That is bullshit that he’s doing that to you. You deserve better. No boss should take away hours unless you’re doing a bad job.

I deserve better

My boss at Subway is such a fucking tool shed. He can’t communicate with me because why? He isn’t giving me any fucking hours again because he thinks I’m dumping subway for this bookstore job. Why can’t he work with me when he knows this is temporary. So, basically after I left him a text message me can’t give me the fucking courtesy to call me back so we can talk about my schedule. I have to go to him?

I called the store for my schedule and he gave me ZERO FUCKING HOURS AGAIN. I’m tired of this fucking guessing game. Did I do good last week, and if I did why am I getting six hours? Why can’t he give me the hours I need and work with me on my schedule since I will be going to school in six days. Fuck him, and this shitty job. I’m tired of being bossed around in a very rude manner. Looks like I’ll be putting my two weeks in very soon. 

I’d rather have a thankless job where I am respected then where I am not. I’m tired of this fucking guessing game. What gets me is I gave him a fucking call and left a voicemail. Yet, he can’t give me the time of fucking day to call me back. How hard is it to pick up the GOD DAMN PHONE and call your coworker back? Sure I’m pissed, but really? Maybe, if I had dark skin and was an illegal he’d have my fucking back. 

It’s fucking bullshit if you ask me. I deserve better! There are plenty of girls I work with who have another job and there isn’t a fucking problem there. They aren’t having to fight for hours. Am I in the wrong to feel this way?

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#coffee #javamonster #meanbean #betterthanstarbucks #foodporn 😘

Called and she still hasn’t fixed her phone. She yanked it out in a huge fight and now I don’t have a way of getting ahold of her. Awesome. I wish I could stop caring.

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The time has come the Walrus said …

We have a chance to move back to Arizona.


Too much toxicity. Too much shit to drag you down. I hope his work doesn’t fuck him over and make him move back.


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#monsoon #weather #sunset #arizona #instadaily

#monsoon #weather #sunset #arizona #instadaily

#arizona #monsoon #lightning #weather #instadaily

#arizona #monsoon #lightning #weather #instadaily

I tried calling her landline, no answer. I tried calling my brother no answer. I get a sick feeling everytime I call her. I wish I could stop. But, a part of me still cares and loves her despite her shortcomings. What the fuck is wrong with me?

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Nightmares or Real life?

I feel like I’m watching a fucking disaster. It’s only a matter of time before something blows up and we can’t do anything about it. We are all given free will, and I just wish I could understand why people make certain choices and those who are affected don’t do a certain thing up until now.

I wish I could understand. 

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